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    CBD Health & Beauty, Inside and Out


    CBD health and beauty, inside and out

    by Eva Marcille Sterling

    When you think CBD, think cEVAd.

    Why cEVAd?


    Searching for natural and healthy alternatives to healing has been a lifelong commitment of mine. Finding effective, organic products that both balance and nourish my body, without unwanted chemicals and toxins has not been easy over the years. Now that I’m a mother of three radiant beings, I have to be sure I can trust what I’m putting in our bodies – which is incredibly personal for me. We guarantee that all of our products are of the highest quality, certified pure. This is our promise.


    Are you committed to living your healthiest life? Bliss allows for a calm, restful sleep. Radiance aides in skin repair and nourishes your skin daily. Both are high-dose and formulated for optimal absorption, so we’re feeling and looking our best every day. Add these to your daily regimen and start living that new healthy lifestyle now.


    Our CBD products are the ultimate gift from mother nature. Made with CBD oils from hemp, we guarantee there are absolutely no pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, toxins, artificial ingredients or GMOs. Did you know there is something called the endocannabinoid system in your body? The cannabinoids in CBD work directly with this system to help with regulate pressure, appetite, sleep, and pain in your body. That’s alternative healing.

    This is my gift to you. The journey to peace, love and light begins here.With love and gratitude,

    Our Products

    I use these products
    myself, everyday.

    They work for me, and I invite you to see what they can do for you.

    But what works for me may not be just right for you. I suggest you start with the minimum dose and gradually increase the dosage until you reach the level of benefit that works for you. Suggested and maximum dosage levels are shown for each product.

    HARMONY (new)

    Full Spectrum Tincture

    High Potency CBD-Infused Tincture for Anxiety & Pain

    Harmony is formulated with just two products: CBD-rich hemp extract and palm-free coconut oil. High potency, certified pure and created for optimal absorption.

    1000mg = 33mg of CBD per ml, .3% THC

    How to Use

    cEVAD Harmony is our full spectrum CBD tincture. Featuring 0.3% THC, Harmony is perfect for those looking for relief from anxiety or pain. A natural, healthy alternative to over-the-shelf products!

    Harmony is formulated with just two products: CBD-rich hemp extract and palm-free coconut oil. High potency, certified pure and created for optimal absorption.

    Product Details

    As we’re all unique beings, CBD has a unique effect on each of us. We recommend you begin with one drop, which is 33mg, and adjust as needed until you achieve the level of relief desired. Consistent use is best for full benefits of product.





    Broad Spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract, pure and simple, with just CBD oil and palm-free coconut oil.


    High potency 1,000 mg, dose 33 mg per 1 ml drop

    How to Use

    After a long, hard day a drop or two of cEVAd Bliss tincture will help you unwind, feel calm and rested, and enjoy a night of deep, restorative sleep.

    Suggested dose: 33 mg (1 drop). Start there and gradually increase the dose one drop at a time, over several days, as needed, until you achieve the level of relief and benefit that works for you.

    Suggested dose 33 mg (per 1 ml drop)

    Product Details

    cEVAd Bliss tincture is pure and simple, with just two natural ingredients: CBD oil from non-GMO, kosher-certified hemp grown using organic practices without insecticides, pesticides, or herbicides, and pure palm-free coconut oil.


    Daily Moisturizer

    Facial moisturizer with broad spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract and a blend of essential oils including macadamia, arnica and jojoba, for radiant, healthy skin.


    High potency 170 mg

    How to Use

    cEVAd Radiance moisturizer is beautifully simple and effective. Apply twice a day, before bed and each morning, for radiant, healthy skin.

    Product Details

    Feel the skin-calming effects of CBD oil from hemp grown using organic practices, combined with natural essential oils including macadamia, arnica and jojoba.

    We tailor our botanical ingredients to match the composition of human skin-surface lipids. We then combine them in the proportions typically found in the skin surface lipids of a healthy 22-year old.

    Radiance transparent

    Our Promise



    Mother nature’s gift: CBD oil derived from hemp. Organically grown and certified kosher. Absolutely no insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, toxins, artificial ingredients or GMOs. Our high dose products are formulated for optimal absorption.

    Quality Tested

    Our products are of the highest quality, guaranteed. Rigorously tested by a fully accredited science lab, cEVAd products are certified pure.

    Product Satisfaction

    Our products are highly reviewed and recommended. Products include a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Experience the benefits.


    We are so incredibly excited to provide you a natural, healthy alternative to healing and skincare. As someone who has been long been dedicated to alternative healing, I am proud

    that our company provides certified pure, high quality products straight from mother nature herself.

    The organic practices utilized by our team guarantee that hemp we source is free of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, artificial ingredients or toxins. It’s also certified Kosher.

    We know you have a choice when it comes to CBD. So we’ve made sure that our products are ones you can trust. Not only high quality, but high dose and formulated for optimal absorption. We want you to come back to cEVAd every time you have a CBD need … because you know here, you’ll receive quality relief that will restore balance to your life.

    This is just the beginning. We look forward growing along this journey in healthy living with you and thank you for being a part of cEVAd.


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