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    cEVAd 6 Weeks

    I’ve hit the six week mark postpartum. All my mothers out there will know what that means – I’m cleared to exercise and cleared to get back in the bedroom. Apparently, it’s still completely normal to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. But due to my work with cEVAd, my six week check-up has my thinking… can we really generalize when it comes to postpartum health?

    Throughout our testing phase with cEVAd, the one thing we know is that what works for one body may not work for another. It’s important to find the right dosing that your body responds to. This is why I believe so much in holistic medicine. Traditional medicine can’t be taken into your own hands in this manner. You have to rely on multiple doctors appointments with sometimes large bills.

    Traditional medicine doesn’t train us to listen to our bodies. I may be six week postpartum, but I may not be ready to get back in that gym. I’ve pushed myself more than I should have. Flying, doing media and leaving my babies before I was ready. I don’t mean that as complaining – I’m a working mom, that’s what we do! Knowing that my body wasn’t quite ready, I had to take extra special care to eat right, hydrate, sleep well and try as much as possible to fight off any mom guilt.

    It takes nine months to create a life. It takes more than six weeks to get your mind and body right after bringing that life into the world. That’s my personal opinion and of course I don’t have a medical degree. Your body may be different than mine, but I honor your motherhood journey. Those hormones do a number on our emotions and contrary to popular belief, they do not just snap back into place after childbirth. Let’s think about this logically.

    So to all my mothers out there, give yourself time. Fight off that mom guilt. Don’t judge your journey. Trust your body. Treat yourself to Bliss and treat yourself to some rest and relaxation when you can. No body walks in our shoes but us, so keep your head held high.

    With love and light,



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