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    Keep your peace

    No matter who you are and what your daily life consists of, you probably experience some kind of daily stress. If you’re a mom, I guarantee it. There’s no way you don’t feel pulled in a at least two different directions hourly. Your duties as mom and your duties to everything else can have the birds in your head chirping, as my new friend Lea so eloquently put it!

    Last week, I was feeling it. With the launch of cEVAd and the premiere of Real Housewives, my phone was blowing up with people that needed to get to me. I had press calls I needed to fulfill, planning meetings I needed to attend and oh yes – I still needed to be wifey and mom (my most important responsibilities). I felt so blessed and loved from all the birthday wishes, but at a certain point, I also wanted to hide from my phone. Does anyone else feel me?

    So let me tell you a secret. In those moments, where I feel my peace starting to slip away – I put everything else besides motherhood on pause. Nobody can have my peace. So whether that’s a 10 minute break to focus on my breathing and bring me back to center or a longer break where I can take a few drops of Bliss, turn off the light and meditate – that’s exactly what I’m doing. And let’s be honest, some nights it’s a glass of wine and Hulu. Sometimes you just have to tune everything out.

    What do you do to keep your peace? Your peace is too precious and it costs too much when we give it away. Fight to keep your peace. It’ll make everything else in your life…well, a little bit more peaceful! Bliss can help. Give it a try and let me know how you like it.

    Until next time, love and light,



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