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    How many of you have thought about trying clean organic makeup but just can’t believe it’ll work as well as some of your trusted brands?  I’m here to let you know the time has come to give it a try.  With so many incredible brands on the market today, organic makeup has come such a long way.  Not only can you find all of the staples of your daily routine, but finally plenty of variety in color and product.    

    Before we get into my favorite makeup tips and brands, THE most important keys to any beauty routine is taking care of your skin.  I have a few ways I do this, but these two parts cannot be skipped.  First, I wash my face daily with gentle foaming cleanser.  My favorite at the moment is Origins Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea.  It’s coconut and oat amino acids help detoxify my skin, leaving it feeling smooth and refreshed.   

    The second step is to moisturize with my new Radiance CBD Daily Moisturizer.  I’m in love with the way it feels on my skin – lightweight and cool.  The way a moisturizer should!  Radiance is will not only give you that daily glow, but the CBD actively repairs any skin damage you may have at the same time.  It also absorbs quickly so that you don’t have to wait too long to start applying your makeup.    

    Depending on what I have going on in a given day – my daily beauty routine typically consists of a good foundation.  Have you heard of Plain Jane Beauty?  They have liquid foundation that is amazing.  It’s made from plant-based ingredients that won’t make your face breakout.  Each shade has an empowering affirmation like “I am powerful” or “I am loving”.  Nice little bonus in your daily routine!   

    No matter what my plans are for the day, I need a good mascara.  ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara is one of the best natural mascaras out there.  It does what it says it’s going to do, adding a bit of volume, curl and length without getting flakey.  Made with organic shea butter, keratin and organic bee and carnauba waxes, it conditions your lashes and washes off easy at the end of the day.  They also have a pretty good liquid liner too.   

    Organic and clean makeup does not have to be boring!  If you’re looking for a pop of color for your eyes, try one of RMS Beauty’s Swift Shadows.  I’ve got a few of the Tempting Touch and Twilight Madness shades.  I also love their LIP2CHEEK product.  On days I don’t need a full beat, I’ll take a color like Promise or Illusive and I’m out the door.   

    I recently came across a brand called Lawless Beauty and loved their “clean AF” promise.  They have a matte lip gloss, Dane, that’s perfect for a night out.  All of the brands I named above have highlighters, bronzers, setting sprays and so much more.  I urge you to give them a try!  Just because it’s clean, doesn’t mean it’s boring or won’t last.  Just the opposite.  It’s better for your skin, the largest organ you have, and the environment.  Winwin in my book.   

    Make sure you sign up to get Radiance on November 1!  You’re going to love it and it’ll become that new most important part of your routine too.   

    With love and light,  



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