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    Harmony Full Spectrum

    It feels like every day, I’m learning something new about the CBD game. It’s important to me to really be able to explain to you what the differences are between Harmony and Bliss and why we’re bringing another product onto the market.

    First, understand it’s not that one is better than the other – people have different preferences. We want to supply options that speak to everyone’s lifestyle and needs. Second, Harmony contains 0.3% THC. So let’s breakdown full spectrum!

    Just like it sounds – full spectrum provides a full range of cannabinoids. During the extraction process, everything derived from the hemp is formulated to give you a healthy dose of the cannabinoids that were in the plant.

    All of these cannabinoids together create something called the entourage effect, which is what helps get rid of that pain and anxiety. It’s more than just CBD – it includes, CBN, CBDV and the 0.3% of THC that work together in Harmony. This is not a feeling of “high”, just a feeling of relief.

    While some debate this whole entourage effect thing, most of us swear by it to help with things as common as backpain, migraines, nausea and much more. If you’re dealing with daily anxiety, this could be incredibly helpful instead of taking an addictive prescription pharmaceutical. Doesn’t it just sound better – taking something from nature to heal yourself? It works better for me personally.

    If you have more questions on the differences between full spectrum Harmony, which is available to preorder on Monday, December 9, and our non-THC tincture, Bliss, our team is here to help. They’re teaching me every day! Just shoot an email to

    With love and light,



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