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    One of our first products, Bliss, is a high-quality CBD tincture that you can take to help you get a calming, restful sleep. It’s been coming in handy for me the last few weeks, as I’m only sleeping for about 2-3 hours at a time.

    We’re still getting into a new routine here at the Sterling house. So far, Maverick likes to sleep all day. He’ll wake up around 1AM and is incredibly alert until about 6AM. At night, this means I have to sometimes force myself to go to sleep way earlier than I’m used to – I’ve always been a bit of a night owl myself! And it only gives me a few hours before Marley & Mikey wake up in the morning. #MomLife.

    Bliss is an incredible product for a few reasons. As tired as we can be as moms, you can’t just always turn your brain off. Bliss has that calming effect that helps me to drift off pretty quickly so I can make the most out of the few hours I have to sleep. It also doesn’t make me feel groggy or more tired when I wake up. I get a solid few hours and we’re back at it.

    Also, my body is going through a lot right now. Let’s be honest. I won’t bore you with all the scientific explanations of the endocannabinoid system and how we literally have cannabinoid receptors that specifically work with CBD and THC, but we do. You can’t argue with science. I love having a natural, healthy option to restore balance to my body.

    While I’m exhausted, I also love this time with Maverick. It’s just us. So much changes in the first weeks and months. I love watching him learn the world around him. These hours in the middle of the night – when it’s quiet and everyone else is sleeping – it’s like our secret mama and Mav time. I’ll take the two or three hours of sleep I’m getting for those moments.

    These are the moments I’ll have forever. When he’s up and running around like Mikey and I can barely keep him still for kisses or when he’s Marley’s age and off to school – I’ll have these special nights when we discovered his world together. And though he may not be able to recall them with his memory, they’ll be tucked away in his soul. He’ll know wherever the world takes him, mama will be here when he needs me. We all know the time goes too fast.

    So for now, I’m using Bliss to help me regulate my sleeping patterns, restore balance and get in some solid hours when I can. I’m still mom to Marley and Mikey, wife to Michael, we’re still filming Real Housewives and working hard on our launch of cEVAd on #1101. You can understand why I need that calming touch of Bliss to help turn off my brain! I can’t wait for you to try it in the next few weeks an tell me what you think. Until then…

    With love & light,



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